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Costa Rica Missions Trip

March 6th-14th we sent Pastors Adam, John and Debbie to Costa Rica on Pastors Missions trip.  It was such an incredible trip.  Check out the video to catch a glimpse of what happened.   This trip was also a scouting... Read More


Launch of Groups

We started our first Group.  We believe that your best life is found in community and so we couldn't wait to start Groups.   This last Tuesday we had 18 people Gather together and we had a great time exploring... Read More

Chili web

Naomi and Brian Crowned Champions!

Naomi Cameron and Brian Beck are our first ever Chili Cookoff Champions!  With nine crock-pots full of delicious chili we had a great time testing all of them.  But there could only be one winner.  Congrats Naomi... Read More


MORE Download

We started this year off in a series titled "MORE".  Through this series we learned that God has MORE for us and as we pursue Him and approach Him like a child we will see the MORE He has for us.  We learned that... Read More


The Cinnamon Buns were a hit!

We had cinnamon buns before our service and now we are thinking we have to do that again!  It was such a great time of fun and conversation.  Thank you to everyone who helped out.  We will definitely be doing this again! Read More


Great Week of Prayer and Fasting

We had a great week of Prayer and Fasting.  So many of our family were sick but nothing was going to stop us from going after everything God has for us this next year! Thank you family for pressing in and contending... Read More

City of Victoria Permissive Tax Exemption

Because we are a Charitable Organization, a portion of our property has been granted property tax exempt by the City of Victoria.  This is to acknowledge that status and thank the city. Read More


What a Celebration!!!!

We had a packed house on Christmas Eve.  We had a great time celebrating the reason for the season, Jesus!  If you missed it we have the story and the message online.  All of us were encouraged to be the light of... Read More


Awesome time at Choices

We took Christmas to Choices, and it was Awesome!!!  We had a total of 22 people engaged in serving the people at Choices.  There was hot chocolate, carols, home baking, presents for everyone and some really great... Read More


We are Full!!!

We had such an incredible morning as we celebrated Christmas together.  With so many kinds of meat how could we not have had a blast.  Memories were made!! Read More